Hazrat Sayyid Ahmad ar- Rifâi was twenty years old, when Abu Fazl Ali, who was the Shaykh of Vasit province and his teacher, awarded him a Khilafat , permission to initiate a dervish order, gave him the name “father of external and interior sciences,” and dressed him with his own dervish’s cloak. Hazrat Sayyid Ahmad Kabir- Rifâi remained in Nehr-i Dikla for a short time and after that went back to his father’s guest house for travelers in Hasen. He then became very well known. When he was twenty-eight, his uncle Shaykh Mansur requested that he lead the dervish lodge and Caliphs after him. He also instructed him to live in the dervish lodge of Shaykh Yahya en-Neccari, who was his grandfather from his mother’s side. Hadrat Sayyid Ahmad ar- Rifâi took up his post (shaykhship)there as an enlightened master and began teaching in this dervish lodge. His uncle died in the same year. By the time Hadrat Sayyid Ahmad ar- Rifâi reached the age of thirty-five, his murids (disciples) numbered over seven hundred thousand.