Sayyid Ahmed Kabir Rifai was born in the first half of Rajab in the Muslim yeer of 512 A.H. (1119 A.D.) on a Thursday. His birthplace was in the town of Ummu Abeyde in the township of Beta in the province of Basra, Iraq.His father was Sayyid Ali Abu’l Hasan. His mother was Fatima ul-Anseri bint Yahya Nijjeri. His Shaykh was Aleyyul Wasiti.Ahmed Kabir Rifai was related to our Prophet (saws) from both his father’s and mother’s sides by blood. His paternal lineage was
• Hadrat Ali(Rz),
• Hadrat Hussain,(K.S)
• Imam Ali Zayna’l-Abidin (K.S.)
• Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (K.S.)
• Imam Jafer as-Sadiq (K.S.)
• Imam Musa al-Kazim (K.S.)
• Imam Ibrahim al-Murteza (K.S.)
• Sayyid Musa Sani (K.S.)
• Sayyid Ahmad Salih Akbar (K.S.)
• Sayyid Abu Abdullah Husayn (K.S.)
• Sayyid Hasan Qasım Abû Mûsa (K.S.)
• Sayyid Muhammad Abu’l-Qasim (K.S.)
• Sayyid Al-Mahdi Makki (K.S.)
• Sayyid Abu’l Mekarim al-Hasan (K.S.)
• Sayyid Abu’l Fadail (K.S.)
• Sayyid Abu Ali Murtaza (K.S.)
• Sayyid Ali Hazim Abu ‘l Fewaris (K.S.)
• Sayyid Sabit (K.S.)
• Sayyid Yahya Nakib (K.S.)
• Sayyid Ebul-Hasen Aliyy-ar-Rifâi (K.S.)
• Sayyid Hadrat Ahmad ar-Rifâi (K.S.)
Before Ahmed Kabir Rifai’s birth, his maternal uncle, a famous Shaykh, Mansur Rabbani, had seen our prophet Hz. Muhammad (saws) and was told that his sister would have a male child who would be famous and be known by the name “Rifa’i.” When the child reached the proper age for Sufism, he should be sent to Shaykh Aleyyul Vasiti for education and training.
Ahmed Kabir Rifai’s father passed away when his son was 7 years old. Sayyid Ali died in 519 A.H.; he is buried in Baghdad. So Ahmed er Rufai’s maternal uncle started taking care of the little boy. After a while he was sent to Shaykh Vasiti in accordance with his uncle’s vision. Shaykh Mansur has said that as long as Ahmed Kabir Rifai stayed with him, he saw many miracles come through the boy and that many blessings came through him for everyone.
Mazar of Hazrat Syed Ahmed Kabir Rafai (RA)
Ahmed Kabir Rifai showed ability and wisdom beyond his age when he began his education under Shaykh Vasiti. He acquired a high maqam by explaining the book of the Shafi school called “Tanbih.”