Dear Brothers and Sisters
Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon you.
The is a voluntary,religious and informative website. It seeks to publicize the inspiring biographies of the former outstanding Islamic saints, scholars,and religious devotees. The purpose is to explore their distinctive approach towards faith and worship, which was distinguished by its variety and comprehensiveness.
In addition, this website aims at shedding light on some aspects of the moderate approach adopted particularly by the Islamic Sophist trend- ‘the Chadeliya Alghaziya Anaciriya’.
This moderate approach which has been based on the preachings of the Prophet Mohamed,was advocated by Sheikh Mohamed Bnasr Daraai- the reverent founder of this moderate trend.
Further, through the exploitation of internet potentials, we aim to spread the modern Islamic thought which is based on the principles of moderation, flexibility and openness. The ultimate goal is to clarify the reality of Islamic Sophism and illustrate the moderate message of Islam. This will help in facing the moral crisis of today’s society.